We've landed in Australia.

Aussie friends – welcome to Stealth Grappling!

Our unique format has proven very popular in New Zealand, we look forward to seeing what you make of it.

We'll be tackling the grappling hotspots along the East Coast - Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

All of our events are now live on Smoothcomp, we hope to see you there!

We're on the lookout for staff for all of our events - we pay our referees $30 per hour and all other jobs (timekeepers, medalgivers etc.) $25 per hour, plus food/drink. If you're interested, please message us on Instagram @stealthgrappling or email us via info@stealthgrappling.com.

Our format

At Stealth Grappling, everything we do is geared towards elevating the level of submission grappling in the country.

Our aim is to both sharpen your submission skills and provide you with a ton of XP, which we achieve with the below:

  • Round robin bracketing
  • Gi and no-gi divisions
  • Shorter rounds
  • No points

We cater to kids and adults, hobbyists and serious competitors alike - come test your skills in a professional, yet friendly environment!

A superior competition experience.

  • Very fast and smoothly run events- we target a 3pm finish at the latest
  • No waiting around - weigh-in anytime before your first match, compete, and get your medal immediately after your division ending
  • Relaxed, family friendly vibe - spectators can get right up to the action, parents can stay right by their children who are competing
  • We take customer service very seriously - any concerns/issues/feedback after a competition, contact us via info@stealthgrappling.com and we'll get back to you same day

Why compete?

Even if you're a hobbyist with no intentions of winning Worlds, competing is a hugely valuable experience and will exponentially improve the rate at which you progress - training alone doesn't compare. Find out why in the below article.