About Us

I started Stealth Grappling as a competition circuit in January 2022. My goal was to provide local athletes in New Zealand the opportunity to regularly compete in a no points, submission only ruleset, as an alternative to always competing in IBJFF and to put the focus on sharpening their submission skills.

As a regular competitor myself, both locally and overseas, I’ve seen many competitions of varying quality, and seen what works and what doesn’t. With shorter rounds, no points, gi and no-gi divisions, and round robin bracketing, I strive to deliver a circuit that’s exciting, provides a ton of XP, and is great value for money.


The Stealth Sub Series is now New Zealand's largest submission-only competition circuit, with 10+ events per year spanning the entire country. With an exciting ruleset and a professional yet laid-back vibe, our events continue to grow and elevate the level of submission grappling in NZ.

Our big move for 2024 is expanding the circuit over to Australia! We're tackling the main grappling hotspots of the East Coast - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I look forward to both bringing our unique format to Australian athletes, and providing an international platform for our local athletes here in New Zealand to showcase their skills on.
BJJ jiu-jitsu rash guard and shorts
- Jay